Friday, December 25, 2020

[POWERFUL WOMAN SPOTLIGHT] Zhe L. Scott (The SEO Queen) | www.seoqueen.com


          Today's powerful woman spotlight is on prominent businesswoman, proud mother, hard worker,  and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert Zhe L. Scott AKA The SEO Queen.  Zhe has an extensive and very impressive resume with a plethora of career milestones and high achievements in the tech and business world.  This strong, intelligent, influential black woman is the reason many companies and virtual businesses flourished during the COVID19 pandemic, using her strong and very effective leadership qualities and skills.  Zhe L. Scott's services are the reason many of her clients websites have ranked high on many of the google searches and other leading search engines such as Bing, Duck Duck Go, Yahoo and more.  Although 2020 has been a stellar year for the multifaceted businesswoman, 2021 will even bigger and better as she continues to work hard, close bigger accounts and skyrocket up the corporate ladder.  




Zhe L. Scott was recently talked about in 50 Black Enterprise about her involvement with CaliforniaCore.org



 Zhe L. Scott and more of her recent contributions to the business world were discussed and mentioned in the prestigious Voyage LA website




Even when she's not working with esteemed and high powered clients, Zhe L. Scott continues to add and provide value for other industry professionals by giving advice and tips to better their presentation and business in general.  The SEO Queen recently released a FREE downloadable book which is available on her website titled 101 Ways to Improve Your Marketing & Sales.  The book is available for download on her official website http://www.SEOQueen.com at the bottom of the landing page.  Many entrepreneurs and professionals found the book to be highly effective and quite useful when it comes to drawing more traffic and leads for their business.  


Watch this amazing "Sue Talk" presentation from Zhe L. Scott as she talks about the value of integrity.  Zhe walks with integrity when dealing with her clients, general business associates and each and everyone she encounters.  


Zhe L Scott and many of her prestigious professional colleagues are proud members of the vastly growing online community and movement, Blacktopia: Black Utopian Society.  Visit the community at the direct link below 



Don't forget to join Zhe's online community and think tank of highly skilled industry professional, and movers and shakers here at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheSeoQueen

Zhe L. Scott is many things to many people, there is no one word that can encompass all that she has done, able to do and what she will become in the future.

Zhe L Scott is a very talented, highly intelligent woman.  In addition to being the SEO Queen, she's also an accomplished violinist, pianist, composer, songwriter and producer, under the moniker Lady Zhe!

 Listen to Lady Zhe and her beautiful sounds at https://www.ladyzhe.com/


          Zhe L. Scott is a very powerful and immensely beautiful woman, well deserving of this week's Powerful Woman Spotlight!  We commend you Zhe the SEO Queen. 

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